Friday, May 10, 2013

This Apil and May reviews

Daddy Wanted

By Penelope Marzec

A game designer in NYC, Grace wakes up one morning to discover she has lost her job and her roommate is pregnant. Determined to solve both problems, she searches for jobs online and sets up an ad to find a daddy for the child. How hard could it be in a city of eight million people? She soon learns it is both risky and dangerous. She wonders if Russell, who lives downstairs, is a safer bet, but why is he always stalking her? And why is it that the only one who will listen to her is her roommate's turtle?

Russell, an IT repairman, is going to be the best man for a wedding in Minnesota. He needs a date, but the woman on his arm must be the Perfect Woman. According to his list of specifications, Grace will fit the billuntil he finds a pregnancy test kit box in the garbage. Deciding she's only a little bit pregnant, he offers her a business deal, an all expenses paid trip to Minnesota with no strings attached. But when Grace insists on bringing her roommate along, Russell is in for a surprise.

I thought that Grace has a strange way of showing that she liked someone. She had very odd plans to find her friend a husband and she was in strange situations. It was interesting to see what she would come up with next. I really liked Russell, even though Grace pushed him away he was always forgiving and trying to get her attention. I give this book 3 stars*. This book is coming soon.
Mail Order Man (Ladies Of Larkspur)
I liked this book! It was about 230 pages, not that long but had my attention the whole way. It didn't at all get dull for me. This is a christian book. I  am a christian but sometimes some christian books do lose my attention, but this isn't one of them. I give it 4* stars.