Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sparked By Sheena Snow

Sparked (Metal Bones #1)

Sparked (Metal Bones #1)

They weren't supposed to have feelings.

Metal will Clash 

In a not-too-distant future, robots composed of metal for bones, electric cords for veins, and synthetics for skin are now available. For purchase. Eighteen-year-old Vienna Avery's home is going to change forever, now that her mom purchased a French Chef Robot to cook and reside in their house. 

Secrets will Unfold 

The government claimed robots were indifferent, unthinking pieces of metal and elastic—assistance for hire to humans. Vienna never believed much of what the government said. The pieces didn't always fit. And now Vienna knows why, because she's uncovered the government's secret: that robots have emotions, sucking Vienna into the underground world of feeling, thinking, and sovereign robots. 

Sparks will Fly 

Alec Cypher is everything a robot is not supposed to be: deep, dark, and dangerously human. And for some reason, he wants to save Vienna from the government's prying, vindictive eyes. Going forward, Vienna will have to learn to trust robots and battle the growing feelings she never thought possible . . . feelings for the green-eyed, soul-searching robot named Alec.
I have never read a book about robots so I was excited to read it. It was such a great idea. My concern about the book was Vienna. I didn't really like her. I couldn't understand why she would do certain things and she was quick to get angry at the ones helping her. Also, to me it wasn't really a clean read. But besides that it is an interesting read. I give it 3* stars.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sarah M. Eden

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Sarah M. Eden British Isles Collection

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Sarah M. Eden British Isles Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology)

I haven't read a book for more than a year. I haven't had time and lost interest. I am sorry that I have not done any reviews. 
I am a fan of Sarah M. Eden. I have read Glimmer of hope, Courting Miss Lancaster, Seeking Persephone and my favorite The kiss from a stranger. So when I was asked to do a review I was happy to. I love to collect her books. This is a book with six short stories. They were very light and sweet stories. I think  A Lesson in love was my favorite. It had a little bit of humor.  I give this book *4 stars.

The SARAH M. EDEN BRITISH ISLES COLLECTION contains two brand new historical romance novellas A FRIEND INDEED and A HAPPY BEGINNING, as well as four hand-picked readers' and reviewers' favorites of Sarah's popular Timeless Romance Anthology novellas. Readers will love this selection of six historical romance novellas set in the British Isles. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

End of the year review -Part 1

It has been awhile. There has been a lot of books to review. But here is a few that I have finished.  I am sorry I am having problems loading the covers.

Fearless Love

Madison Carmichael's carefully controlled world has just spun off its axis. Not only has jet-setting playboy and investor Jake Colt landed his helicopter in the middle of the biggest photo shoot of her career, she is shocked to discover he purchased her parents' financially troubled winery. 

Madison refuses to let this interloper take what belongs to her family, no matter what passions he stirs in her heart. She'll do anything to get him out of Serenity Creek and her family's business, even if it means striking a deal that goes against every grain in her body with the arrogant man himself. 

Jake has no interest in handling the Carmichael winery acquisition, but he has little choice considering the business agreement he made with his father. As with all of his father's dealings, there are strings attached, and Jake is determined to cut them at all costs.

If he is going to spend time in the backwards town that reminds him too much of the one that betrayed him all to turn some two bit winery around, he is going to do it on his own terms, which includes encouraging the feisty woman who has captured his attention to break out of her shell and live a little. 

But when two opposing forces clash, sparks are bound to fly…

Jake and Madison story was a sweet love story. It is a clean and nice short story that can be finished in a day. It is a great choice when you want a light read. 
I give it 3*stars.

The Robber Knight -  (The Robber Knight Saga #1)

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Silver Princess by Lea Carter

The Silver PrincessThe Silver Princess
Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like if fairies grew up? Or if they didn't spend their time preparing to paint flowers or spread frost?

Rebecca could be the girl next door - with wings and a crown. She has very few worries, until the day she has a riding accident and is rescued by a mysterious man-fairy.

In the world of Fairydom, wisdom wins out despite inexperience when young Princess Rebecca takes on civil unrest and the handsome stranger. Readers of all ages will cheer her courage as she defies those intent on dethroning her father.
I really enjoyed it, I couldn't stop reading it took me only a day to read. It was very sweet and I LOVED that they were fairies. I thought that it was neat that even though this was a fantasy it seemed like a historical fiction because the fairies were like humans minus the flying. :) I would be interested in  what happens next. I give this book 4* stars.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The wind whisperer

It has been awhile. Here is my new review.
The Wind Whisperer
The Wind WhispererAt fifteen, Anaii is the most important member of her tribe—and the most mysterious. Ever since Anaii can remember, the spirits of the wind have whispered of fertile hunting grounds and imminent enemy attacks. But when her people are ambushed by a brother clan without any apparent cause, the spirits remain eerily silent.

As the village prepares to retaliate, Anaii is pressured by her best friend, Elan, to marry him. It's an old plea—Elan has spent a lifetime loving her, but Anaii only sees a childhood playmate out of an imposing warrior. Stifled by Elan's insistence, Anaii escapes into the forest where she meets Jayttin, the beautiful son of the enemy chief.

Enamored by Jayttin's carefree spirit and hope for peace, she repeatedly sneaks away to be with him, but when her deception is discovered, Elan is devastated. Pledging his lifelong affection, Elan gives her a passionate kiss, and Anaii begins to see her friend in a new light.

While Anaii is tormented over which man she must choose, the wind whispers of a new threat that could destroy both tribes. Only a union will afford a chance at survival, but the reality of that union is based on one thing—which man Anaii chooses to die.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the love triangle, it really kept my interest. I was torn between the two men in the first half of the story and then by the middle of the story I had chosen my favorite. I was a little unsure who she would pick but in the end I was right. I enjoyed the mystery of it. Anaii was selfish but she kept it interesting. I look forward to know what happens next to her.  I give it 4* stars.

Friday, May 10, 2013

This Apil and May reviews

Daddy Wanted

By Penelope Marzec

A game designer in NYC, Grace wakes up one morning to discover she has lost her job and her roommate is pregnant. Determined to solve both problems, she searches for jobs online and sets up an ad to find a daddy for the child. How hard could it be in a city of eight million people? She soon learns it is both risky and dangerous. She wonders if Russell, who lives downstairs, is a safer bet, but why is he always stalking her? And why is it that the only one who will listen to her is her roommate's turtle?

Russell, an IT repairman, is going to be the best man for a wedding in Minnesota. He needs a date, but the woman on his arm must be the Perfect Woman. According to his list of specifications, Grace will fit the billuntil he finds a pregnancy test kit box in the garbage. Deciding she's only a little bit pregnant, he offers her a business deal, an all expenses paid trip to Minnesota with no strings attached. But when Grace insists on bringing her roommate along, Russell is in for a surprise.

I thought that Grace has a strange way of showing that she liked someone. She had very odd plans to find her friend a husband and she was in strange situations. It was interesting to see what she would come up with next. I really liked Russell, even though Grace pushed him away he was always forgiving and trying to get her attention. I give this book 3 stars*. This book is coming soon.
Mail Order Man (Ladies Of Larkspur)
I liked this book! It was about 230 pages, not that long but had my attention the whole way. It didn't at all get dull for me. This is a christian book. I  am a christian but sometimes some christian books do lose my attention, but this isn't one of them. I give it 4* stars.

Monday, April 8, 2013

33 Valentines by Stephanie Monahan

33 ValentinesAll Sophie wants for her thirty-third year is a calendar without a February—and without a Valentine's Day. The unlucky month haunts her with regrets, loss, and missteps she can never take back. But this year, she's determined to make a change— and she's going to start with telling her best friend, Sam, how she feels about him.

But February isn't making it easy for her. Sam's got a date with his dream girl, and Sophie finds herself in the hospital. Then there's her father, who has a surprise that's about to turn her world upside-down, and her little brother, who doesn't seem to have any room for her in his life. While everyone else seems to be living life, Sophie is stuck in neutral.

Now, Sophie must come to terms with everything that's holding her back in order to fight for what she wants before she loses the chance to turn her luck around.

It was a story about a women who needs to make changes and move on. Sophie had a lot of flashbacks during the book. When I first started to read I didn't really like Sophie's personality but later I felt bad for her and wanted her to have a happy ending. This book was clean but had a lot of language I didn't care for. I give this book 3*stars.