Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trusting the law

Trusting the Law
November 1922

The last person Grace needs to fall in love with is a police officer, especially since she breaks the law every day. Running a speakeasy wasn't her first choice, but making money is. With the price of hooch at an all-time premium, the money is more than enough to pay for her uncle's expensive medication and the bills. She doubts Officer Paul Gordon will see things the same way.

Paul is enchanted with the chestnut-haired woman he runs into on a cold, Chicago street, and that enchantment quickly turns to more. If someone were to tell him she was a criminal, he'd never believe it. Then he sees it for himself. When Grace is arrested, he must make a decision—protect her or his badge.

I don't come across stories that are taken place in the 20's but I loved it. The characters were well put together. I will be honest I was a little upset on how short it was, but it was a nice story to read in between reading novels. I am interested in reading more of Kendall Evans's books. I give it 4*stars.

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