Monday, April 21, 2014

The Silver Princess by Lea Carter

The Silver PrincessThe Silver Princess
Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like if fairies grew up? Or if they didn't spend their time preparing to paint flowers or spread frost?

Rebecca could be the girl next door - with wings and a crown. She has very few worries, until the day she has a riding accident and is rescued by a mysterious man-fairy.

In the world of Fairydom, wisdom wins out despite inexperience when young Princess Rebecca takes on civil unrest and the handsome stranger. Readers of all ages will cheer her courage as she defies those intent on dethroning her father.
I really enjoyed it, I couldn't stop reading it took me only a day to read. It was very sweet and I LOVED that they were fairies. I thought that it was neat that even though this was a fantasy it seemed like a historical fiction because the fairies were like humans minus the flying. :) I would be interested in  what happens next. I give this book 4* stars.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Aly! I am always glad to hear that people have enjoyed reading my books. :-)